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VRB Corporation

VRB Corporation is a contractual digital asset bank based on the development of the underlying technology of blockchain. It relies on key technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and biometrics to solve the problems faced by the financial industry currently. The company focuses on professional digital currency pledge, digital currency trading leverage funding, entrusted digital currency quantitative trading, digital currency asset management, etc., bringing a new pattern to the global financial industry.
VRB Corporation

Features of Bank

  • Simple steps to open a new account
  • Finance expertise in your pocket
  • Digital system upgrade
  • Low-cost online wealth management
VRB Corporation

Blockchain Security System

  • Top advanced technology
  • Card and wallet encryption
  • 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring
  • 24/7 real-time assistance
VRB Corporation

Technology Application

  • Mobile digital e-wallet client
  • Worldwide payment/collection
  • Expenditure analysis
  • Budgeting tools
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VRB Corporation
VRB Corporation VRB Corporation
Market Prospect

Leading digital finance expert

Bringing a new era of the global digital currency market

Why do we need digital bank?

The shortcomings of the traditional bank are still causing troubles for users around the world. The financial sector is currently the industry that has the most blockchain applications. Asset owners can prove their ownership by using private key. Assets are transferred through the blockchain system. Property rights and records are clear; the entire process does not require third-party participation, thus gradually reducing the need for physical banking.

Welcome the customers from new era

The trading model of digital banking is simpler and more convenient. It has become a need for people in the new era. Global digitalization has become an inevitable trend and the millennials will be the upcoming customers of bank. Therefore, digitized service will be the best opportunity for banks.

Increase global user engagement

The information of all channels is integrated in order to conduct analysis for the customers; it can achieve full integration and complementarity in different services, as well as online and offline services, thereby providing better service and support to customers, and actively promoting the exploration and application of blockchain technology.

Achieve low cost and efficient profitability

The efficiency of account opening and business processing is greatly improved. Users can freely enjoy many functions such as online digital deposits, foreign exchange investment, mortgage freight forwarding; they can better track and manage their digital asset information. Besides, the bank also provides personalized services to increase the competitiveness of its platform.

Our Solutions

High conversion fees of traditional banks

Traditional banks charge high fees for inter-bank business and unable to achieve point-to-point delivery of value. However, decentralized blockchain technology makes it easy to implement applications such as value transfer and trading.

Enhance transaction speed

Bank remittances are based on multiple centralized nodes, resulting in slower transaction processing. The decentralized, open and transparent, traceable features of blockchain can improve work efficiency and greatly reduce cost.

Not limited by territorial restrictions

Traditional banks are limited by the regulations of different countries. The borderless nature of blockchain technology allows everyone to increase the value of their digital assets at all times, and also allows merchant and users to establish a good communication channel between both parties.

Unrestricted currency

The traditional bank only allows fiat currency for transactions; digital currency cannot be used for saving or payment. However, in digital currency bank, all of your assets are protected by decentralized and blockchain technology. You can use platform features to protect your digital currency balance; you can avoid exchange rate fluctuations and at the same time, enjoy the advantages of digital currency.

VRB Corporation
Financial Products

Exclusive personalized service

Enjoy financial management at your fingertips

VRB Corporation launches 7 major services. All services are carried out online, and the blockchain technology guarantees transparency and security. Users do not need to waste time and carry out transactions in physical banks. The efficient and time-saving model meets the global users' financial immediate need.
Cryptocurrency deposits

Users can deposit cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or ETF. The monthly interest is calculated based on the amount of cryptocurrency in their accounts.

P2P mortgage

Users can obtain loans through their digital currency deposits; it is beneficial to enterprises and individuals in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as exchanges, project parties, digital investment institutions and etc. They will obtain the liquidity they need and thereby enhance their asset management capabilities.

Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency acquisition services support all kinds of settlements between parties and provide direct interpersonal transactions. Institutions or individuals from different countries can buy, sell and exchange other digital currencies or fiat currencies (such as the US dollar or the Euro).

Cross-border payment transfers

Blockchain technology is used to transfer capital. The fee of digital currency payment is the lowest and the transaction is carried out in real-time.

Forex investment trading

Users directly enter the interbank foreign exchange market, process orders and trade them on the market without any intermediaries. It enhances the asset security and further reduces transaction cost and increase trading efficiency.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

The world's first tokenized stock transaction platform allows all investors to invest in cryptocurrency and enjoy easier and safer digital asset appreciation. Seven major cryptocurrencies are now accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, NEM, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

Our Advantages

Full control of digital assets

Your thoughtful asset management expert

VRB Corporation trains a number of financial experts and grasps new market opportunities for digital assets, bringing new revolutionary transformation to the digital market.

Our Roadmap